Arizona Club 2010 Fixtures, Regional and National Events

Arizona Kokopelli Invitational, March 10-13, 2010
12 players Waterford Doubles Round-robin
leading into 8 player Singles playoff Ladder

Congratulations to
1. Danny Huneycutt
2. Ben Rothman
3. Doug Grimsley
4. Charlie Smith

Kokopelli trophies were presented to the top three finishers.

Arizona Club Championship, April 10 2010
Waterford Doubles Handicap American Rules
Congratulations to
1. Paul Bennett
2. Richard Wright
3. Rory Kelley
4. Ren Kraft
5. Greg Mast
6. Jim Hermann

American Doubles Handicap (base method)
Arizona club championship
In the American Doubles Handicap base method, each high handicapper on the team may use its full compliment of bisques.  In this picture, Rory is assisting his partner Greg to use his bisques to develop an all around break for blue.  Make sure to give your players additional time limits to assure that each team gets an equal chance.  2-1/2 hours was sufficient in the American rules to fully develop the game, get some reasonably high scores and enjoy the end-game.

Arizona club championship
Richard Wright, Ren Kraft, Rory Kelley and Greg Mast pair off in the final game of the day.  Players not shown are Jim Hermann and Paul Bennett.   A small trophy was presented for first place and an Arizona ball cap to 2nd place.
	10 Apr 2010
Arizona Croquet Club Championship
American Rules Handicap Doubles

Paul_Bennett Greg_Mast bt Jim_Hermann Richard_Wright 17-13
Paul_Bennett Rory_Kelley bt Jim_Hermann Ren_Kraft  22-10
Richard_Wright Ren_Kraft bt Greg_Mast Rory_Kelley 23-12
                Name  Win Loss    Net  Notes
        Paul_Bennett   2 -  0      16
      Richard_Wright   1 -  1       7
         Rory_Kelley   1 -  1       1
           Ren_Kraft   1 -  1      -1
           Greg_Mast   1 -  1      -7
         Jim_Hermann   0 -  2     -16

upcoming events ...

USCA Association Rules Nationals, April 19-24, 2010
Mission Hills, Rancho Mirage, CA
Paul Bennett

  Rocky Mtn Championship, Denver, CO, May 19-22, 2010
Paul Bennett
Congrats to Ben Rothman against Paul Bennett

MacRobertson Shield
Manchester/Cheltenham/London, England
Jim Bast
Paul Bennett, alternate
Congrats to GB, NZ, US, AU
US team: Ben Rothman, Danny Huneycutt, Jim Bast, Doug Grimsley, Rich Lamm, Jeff Soo

USCA Selection 8s,  Oct
Jim Bast and Ben Rothman tied for 1st place

USCA Nationals,  Oct

Jim Bast

USCA Golf Croquet Nationals,  Nov
Jacques Fournier and Paul Bennett win doubles
Ben Rothman defeats Danny Huneycutt singles

US OPEN, December 7-11th
Mission Hills, Rancho Mirage, CA
Paul Bennett defeats Brian Cumming
Leo Nikora wins the plate

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