2012 US OPEN, December 4-8 th
Mission Hills Country Club
Rancho Mirage, California

    This year the American Croquet Association hosted the 25th US Open croquet tournament with Rory Kelley as the tournament director.  From Arizona, Stan Patmor was present to chat with all his friends during the first few days of block play.  Ren Kraft came to shed some tracking points and Paul Bennett worked on gaining as many as possible.      Jim Bast a former player from Arizona, now living in Texas, played well and earned his spot in the medalist round against Ben Rothman. These two playes won their respective blocks and the winner of the best-of-three medalist round advances to the finals while the loser goes on to face the winner of the knock-out ladder of eight players.

Peg out is sweet!   

    Association croquet in America is often played with time-limits.  We for many years have shortened the game down between 2 and 2-1/2 hours.  It is designed that way to get as many games in per day as possible with the shortest days of December and in Palm Springs which has a 10,000' mountain flanking its western horizon (at 4:30 PM the sun is setting).   I thus explain the need to start play at 7:30 AM. 

Eileen, Jean and Tim
Eileen Soo, Jean Engebretson and Tim

Cameron Dick
Mike Orgill, Cameron Evans and Dick Engebretson

Rory Kelley, director
Rory Kelley director of the US Open tournament

AB Ladder
A & B Flight Ladder playoff

Champs Ladder
Open Playoff Ladder

    In the first game of the finals, Paul K went to the East Bdy, Ben Y set a Duffer's tice and Paul U missed from B baulk at his ball on the bdy ending up in corner 4.  Ben R missed his Duffer's tice bouncing off hoop 6 and ending up a short distance from K.  K missed R and R hits U in c4; makes a break to 4-back and sets diagonal leave.
    U hits Ben's ball on E bdy from B-baulk and runs break to 1-back setting for an easy SXP.
    Y hits K and runs break around with triple peel, 26-7 TP.

    In the 2nd game, Ben plays K to supershot position (W of 5 and peg).  Y to E bdy wired from center of South bdy.  U hits Y and runs break to 4-back, leaving 3 tight ducks.
    Paul R hits K and runs break to 4-back setting a NSL with U a bit close to h 2.  Ben neglects the short shot at U and takes the long shot at RY from B-baulk and hits.  R finishes with a nice triple 26-9 TP.

2012 Order of Finish
Open Flight
A Flight
B Flight
Open Plate
1. Ben Rothman
2. Paul Bennett
3. Jim Bast
1. Nick Gray
2. Dick Engebretson
3. Bob Morford
1. Toni Kemp
2. Richard Wright
1. Robert Hurst
2. Brian Cuming

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